Keeps Fans Together with New Social Networking Features and Facebook Application

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Users Can Now Create Personalized Sports Profiles and Easily Communicate

     With Teammates and Rivals on

    LOS ANGELES, March 5 // --, the premier communication tool for sports enthusiasts to log on with fellow fans or rivals and "Tell It Like It Is," has launched several new social networking features and a Facebook application that provides sports fans with more ways than ever to connect.

    "Sports are first and foremost social activities best experienced with friends or rivals," said Michael Quiroz, Co-Founder and Creative Director of "The new tools and features from AllSmackTalk -- and especially the new Facebook application -- make it easier than ever for fans to share their passion and excitement with not only established friends, but with rivals and fellow fans as well."

    AllSmackTalk's new social networking features are designed from the ground up to accommodate sports fans of all types. Users will be able to list their favorite stadiums, teams, players, top team mates, rivals and more, as well as display their personal and team awards won on the Smack Boards.

    Users will also be able to display the games they will be attending and find other AllSmackTalk users who may be attending the game -- a perfect way to plan a tailgate, a carpool or to see if your friends have spare tickets to the big game!

    AllSmackTalk's new social networking features blend seamlessly with the existing Smack Boards, allowing you to track when friends upload new posts, videos or photos on the AllSmackTalk newsfeed or profile pages and making it easier then ever to "Tell It Like It Is." All the new features of AllSmackTalk are available to all existing and new users for free at

    The new Facebook integration application allows users of both AllSmackTalk and Facebook to easily browse the Smack Boards of their favorite teams though Facebook, as well as add teammates and rivals to their AllSmackTalk account throughout all of Facebook. The application gives Facebook users the option to display their favorite teams and mini-sports profile directly in their Facebook profile so all your friends know where you stand.

    The AllSmackTalk Facebook application can be installed at

    To check out the new features of AllSmackTalk or join in on the existing Smack Board discussions, please visit

    About AllSmackTalk

    AllSmackTalk was founded in 2007 to be the premier sports community and communication tool for college sports fans nation wide. AllSmackTalk was founded by television producers Ken Miller and Gail Patterson alongside Internet and technology veterans Hassan Miah and Michael Quiroz. Ken Miller and Gail Patterson have a combined 40 years of television experience on such shows as Beverly Hills 90210, Dynasty, Seventh Heaven and more. Hassan Miah is an investor and entrepreneur focused on strategic investments in digital media, software and technology whose past companies include: Intel Capital, where he led worldwide digital media investments; CEO of Xing Technology, the Company that created the first consumer MP3 recording software and the former head of New Media for Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of Hollywood's leading entertainment and talent agencies. Michael Quiroz has spent the last decade working for and designing numerous sites ranging from multimedia and gaming to education, including, FMiTV and
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