Batanga, Inc. Announces the Launch of the Batanga Network

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MIAMI, Aug. 17 // -- Batanga, Inc., the leading next-generation Hispanic media company reaching U.S. Hispanics, today announced the launch of the Batanga Network, a groundbreaking, pure-play Hispanic ad network. Batanga, Inc.'s acquisition and subsequent exponential growth of the HispanoClick network, its recent implementation of industry-exclusive targeting technologies, and its decade long dedication to in-culture sites such as, have paved the way for the network's launch. The Batanga Network is the evolution of a company that has always been at the forefront of the online U.S. Hispanic Market.

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The Batanga Network demonstrates unparalleled and substantial reach with over fifteen million unique visitors as per comScore Media Metrix July 2009, making it the largest Hispanic-focused ad network. With a sizable audience, Batanga Network's targeting capabilities make delivering every segment in the market, across all categories and contents, viable. The Batanga Network offers advertisers contextual and behavioral targeting, pinpoint geo-targeting and demographic targeting, as well as the ability to retarget. Additionally, building on more than ten years of audience insights and in-culture experience, the Batanga Network, provides marketers with a portfolio of solutions. From performance and direct response to custom branding, the network can addresses all the nuances of this growing and influential audience.

"The growth of the U.S. Hispanic online audience is complex and cannot be addressed with a one-dimensional online strategy or buy. We are eager to work with our advertisers and demonstrate to them the power of our state-of-the-art targeting technologies," said Rafael Urbina, Chairman and CEO of Batanga, Inc. "The Batanga Network will allow marketers to reach and segment the online U.S. Hispanic Market like never before."

Recently, comScore Media Metrix and Nielsen Online released data demonstrating that the U.S. Hispanic Internet population was not only growing faster than any other group of Internet users, but also was the time spent online and the number of pages consumed. According to a newly released eMarketer report, in 2009, the number of U.S. Hispanics online is estimated to grow by 7.9%, exceeding 22 million users. Time spent online is also growing rapidly with data showing that U.S. Hispanics are spending over 26 hours online per month, a 12.5% year-over-year rise.

The launch of the Batanga Network comes at the heels of the company's recent implementation of advanced targeting technologies. The technologies provide marketers with the most sophisticated and advanced portfolio of media solutions targeting U.S. Hispanics online. Targeting contextually and behaviorally in both Spanish and English, as well as automatically analyzing every Web page across its network in both languages to locate relevant content, the technology allows marketers to carve out and reach any audience segment.

Clients such as Verizon, Sears and Sprint, among others, have already begun to benefit from the network's vast reach and advanced targeting technologies.

"We are pleased to be utilizing the new targeting capabilities offered by the Batanga Network as part our U.S. Hispanic online marketing efforts for our clients," stated Casey Martin, Media Supervisor at Moxie Interactive. "We feel strongly that reaching Hispanic consumers online, in-culture and in-language, is essential to maintaining the growth and development of our clients and their consumers."

About Batanga, Inc.

Batanga, Inc., is the leading Hispanic-focused online media company. The Batanga Network reaches the most U.S. Hispanics online monthly, across all categories and all demographics., one of its premier online destinations, has consistently been one of the top online destinations for U.S. Hispanics over the past ten years. Batanga, Inc. maintains offices in Miami and New York. Learn more at

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