Boomers Digging Into Retirement Savings, Opening Their Homes To Support Adult Kids During Recession

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Vibrant Nation Survey Indicates Women 50+ Are Still Acting as Primary Care Giver to Their Adult Children

LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 17 // -- Members of the Baby Boomer generation should be dealing with "Empty Nest" syndrome as their children leave home, but as the economy continues to sputter Boomers are realizing that their parenting duties, including financial support, are extending well into their 50s and beyond.

A new survey from, presented to its more than 50,000 members, e-newsletter subscribers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers, shows that a large number of Boomer women report that they are aiding their adult children with housing costs and day-to-day expenses due to the recession. More than one-third of respondents say they've dipped into their retirement fund to support their adult children. Vibrant Nation ( is the first online destination created exclusively for women 50+ and a peer-to-peer information exchange populated by these smart and passionate women.

Among these "Vibrant Women," the survey findings uncovered that:





     -- Of these, 29% reported that they charge their adult child rent.

     And 16% have set a limit on how long the adult child can remain.

     -- Of those who said they had set a limit, 45% have extended their

     original deadline because of the recession.

"We are accustomed to hearing about Boomers' aging parents moving in to be cared for by their Boomer generation children," said Stephen Reily, Founder and CEO, "The reality of the current economy, however, has placed an even greater burden on many Boomers who now find themselves not only caring for their parents, but also providing significant financial support as well housing for their own grown children. This wasn't part of their retirement planning and it provides members of this Vibrant Nation with some distinct challenges."

"There is a potential upside to this prolonged state of parenting," said Dr. Carol Orsborn, Senior Strategist, "This is, after all, a generation of helicopter moms and dads who value their friendships with their children and who had a hard time letting go in the first place. The jury is still out on whether this is a temporary adjustment to tough economic times, or a re-jiggering of multi-generational family models that will have staying power over the long run. I'm sure the women of Vibrant Nation will have plenty to say about it."

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About is the first peer-to-peer information-sharing website devoted exclusively to successful women 50+, creating a place where they can exchange information and join in smart conversation. Stereotypes have for many years kept marketers from appreciating not just the size of their pocketbooks but also the level of connectedness of these women, whose shared interests and goals make them even more networked and even more influential with peers. At Vibrant Nation, we know these women are starting businesses, giving back, making new friends, traveling, learning, shopping -- and looking to connect with others who share their desire to make the most of life every day. For several years, we have conducted research into the interests and needs of this fast-growing and important consumer demographic. is not only filling a unique need for its members, but also leading the way in helping marketers understand and serve 50+ women. Visit

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