Brand Cartography Maps the Way to Consumer-Based Brand Insight

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A quantitative approach providing insight into consumer perceptions of brand meaning.

ST. LOUIS, April 23 // -- Brand Cartography Group, a St. Louis-based market research firm, today unveiled their new highly effective research methodology that provides strategic insight into a brand's meaning. Built off an associative network model of memory, this new methodology delivers an actionable, high-level perspective on a brand's meaning rooted in the associations consumers have for a brand.

"Our team of educated and experienced marketing professionals and statisticians have developed this proprietary research methodology to improve the strategic positioning of brands," says Brian Till, Ph.D. Principal and Co-Founder of Brand Cartography Group. "Strategic Brand Association Mapping(SM) provides marketers with valuable consumer-based insight into a brand's associations. This insight leads to a strengthening of a brand's position, an increase in marketing effectiveness, and provides that much sought after competitive advantage."

The Brand Cartography Group's work provides managers with a better understanding of their brand's differentiation vis a vis key competitors, helps to guide positioning strategy, and serves as a tool in guiding communication strategy.

About Brand Cartography Group:

Brand Cartography Group is in the business of helping marketers effectively address the challenges faced in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Equipped with the consumer insight from their proprietary Strategic Brand Association Mapping(SM) process, marketers gain a clearer understanding of the associations held in the minds of consumers/customers (both buyers and non-buyers). This consumer insight highlights the "leverage points" for a brand. This allows brand managers to craft unique and relevant marketing communications, ultimately improving a brand's positioning and marketing effectiveness.

To learn more, visit their website at or contact Maurice Parisien, SVP" target="_new"> or Rob Walters Director, Business Development" target="_new">

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