BT Selects Fanfare as Key Component of Its Strategic Platform for Automating Network Testing

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Enterprise-Wide Deployment of Fanfare's iTest(R) Products Will Reduce Testing Costs and Enhance Service Quality for BT Customers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 24 // -- Fanfare, delivering innovative testing solutions to service providers (SPs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and enterprises, today announced that BT has chosen Fanfare's iTest(R), the company's flagship test automation product, as a key component of the strategic testing platform it is putting in place to automate complex system testing. BT will deploy iTest in an enterprise-wide initiative to standardize the communication of test assets across the company, as well as between BT and its suppliers.

"With Fanfare in place on a company-wide scale, we will be able to streamline the testing process and lower the costs involved with bringing new and complex products to market," said Steve Thomas, Test Tools & Automation Strategy Manager, BT. "Having a standard platform in place that automates the basic communication of finding and reporting a bug, reproducing it, and verifying the fix will be of tremendous value to both BT and its suppliers."

BT, which has already implemented Fanfare's products in a number of its divisions, is expanding its use of Fanfare products in a move to establish a unified communication platform that facilitates the sharing of test assets between BT and its suppliers. Fanfare's products serve as the common language that enables all parties to seamlessly share test assets to quickly improve product quality and speed the deployment of new equipment and services to market. With Fanfare in place, BT can integrate test assets and automate complex system testing regardless of the testing hardware and software being used by its suppliers.

As a world leader in communications services and business offerings, BT must collaborate with its NEMs to ensure that new devices work properly with existing network devices before they are placed in the network. This process enhances the quality of products and services for BT customers around the globe, reduces time to market, and improves productivity across the entire product development and service development life cycle.

"BT is demonstrating its leadership in the industry by making Fanfare the de facto standard for communicating test assets, both within the company and with its suppliers," said Tom Ryan, president and CEO of Fanfare. "As a world leader offering telecommunications services to some of the world's largest organizations, it is evident that BT is committed to the highest quality standards possible. We are pleased to expand our relationship with a company of this caliber."

About Fanfare

Fanfare provides automated testing solutions that enable service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and enterprises to enhance productivity throughout the quality workflow by streamlining system and device testing, reducing product cycles, and lowering costs. Using Fanfare, quality assurance teams and developers can leverage a common testing platform to deliver quality services and products to market faster and more efficiently. For more information, please visit

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