Doodle Brings Easy Event Scheduling to Facebook

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Doodle, the Leading Online Scheduling Service, Releases a Facebook Application Which Allows the Facebook Community to Easily Schedule Events

    ZURICH, Switzerland, September 1 // -- Doodle announced today that it also provides its scheduling services to the Facebook community. The Doodle Facebook application allows users to easily find the best date and time for any kind of group event; examples include conference calls, family BBQs, business lunches, and team meetings.

    Facebook users who have added the Doodle application can poll their friends for a date or time in a few simple steps. Invitations to participate in a poll can be sent via Facebook's messaging system. And even people without a Facebook account can participate in the poll upon invitation by e-mail.

    Doodle is confident that event scheduling will be a success within Facebook as well. "Doodle is a great extension to Facebook," says Reto Laemmler, Vice President of End-User Products at Doodle. "While Facebook's current features are good for managing events given a date, Doodle is the easiest, most efficient way to find the best date or time for a group event. And it is the first application to add this functionality to Facebook. We're excited to find out how much the Facebook community will like the new Doodle application."

    About Doodle

    Doodle is the leading online scheduling service (according to traffic comparison services like Alexa, Compete, and Google Trends) and is available in 25 languages. Doodle is provided by Zurich, Switzerland based Doodle AG that focuses on delivering a very simple and highly usable service which is free for end users. It requires no registration, no download, and no installation. Doodle AG's main revenue streams are advertising and hosted, branded services for organizations.

    Doodle was invented and first implemented in 2003 by Michael Naf, a Swiss computer scientist, to meet a personal need: finding a date and time to have dinner with several friends at once; a process in which e-mail messages and phone calls repeatedly failed. To also meet the needs of the fast growing user base, Michael decided to professionalize Doodle and founded Doodle AG in 2007 together with Paul E. Sevinc, a Swiss electrical engineer.

    Reto Laemmler, Vice President of End-User Products and lead engineer of the Facebook integration, joined Doodle in early 2008. As the founder and former CEO of Xcellery, a Silicon Valley based company which he sold to Expresso Corp. in 2007, he is very experienced in building successful web-based applications and uses his background to drive the future development of Doodle.

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    Michael Naf, CEO, Doodle AG, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland, Phone: +41-44-271-20-70, E-Mail:
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