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EL PRADO, N.M., June 2 // -- There are several books of anecdotes on the nation's bookshelves, but most of them are devoted to specialized fields such as Hollywood, Broadway, Congress, Business, Science, Sports and so on. Of the few general anecdote books available, one of them was originally published more than 50 years ago.

To correct this situation, Levine Mesa Press of Taos, New Mexico, has just brought out a carefully indexed 620-page collection of anecdotes, fables, legends and myths assembled over a 20-year period by Charles Francis.

Titled "Wisdom Well Said," the book's contents are organized alphabetically for ease of use. There are 158 different categories ranging from Accounting to Youth. Altogether the book contains more than 1,200 items in almost every field imaginable.

In the book's forward, Mr. Francis points out that anecdotes have been widely used throughout history to improve human communications. Jesus used anecdotes (then called parables) to teach his followers. Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy all used anecdotes to make their communications more powerful and memorable.

Open "Wisdom Well Said" to any page and start reading. There you will find example after example of human wisdom, humor and folly that speakers use to hold the interest of their audience. Set in bold type, "Wisdom Well Said" is easy to read, and you can quickly find an anecdote on almost any subject you are interested in. "Wisdom Well Said" is available from, Barnes & Noble, and most book sellers.

Because of its variety and ease of use, the book should be of particular value to speechwriters and public speakers.

About the Author

Mr. Francis spent the bulk of his professional career as a senior communications executive at the IBM Corporation. On retiring from corporate life, Mr. Francis founded a subscription Internet service whose large collection of quotations, anecdotes and humor were accessed online by speechwriters and communications professionals around the world.


    Jay Levine


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    El Prado, NM 87529

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