McCain, Thompson, All Dems Fail to Make No-Tax Pledge

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All but two GOP presidential candidates have committed to voters to oppose income tax increases

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 /-USNewswire/ -- For two decades, Americans for Tax Reform has asked all presidential and federal candidates to commit to their constituents, in writing, to oppose any and all efforts to raise income taxes. On the presidential level, every Republican nominee since Ronald Reagan has made this commitment, including President George W. Bush. In the current Congress, 42 Senators and 195 members of the House of Representatives have made this commitment, including SC Sens. Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint.

    Among the 2008 presidential field, all but two of the Republican candidates - Sens. John McCain and Fred Thompson - have made this commitment to the American people, while none of the Democrats have done so. Sen. McCain signed the Pledge as a candidate for president in 2000, and has signed and kept the Pledge as a Senator.

    2008 Presidential Candidates

    Name Party Affiliation Taxpayer Protection Pledge Status

    Rudolph Giuliani Republican Yes*

    Mike Huckabee Republican Yes

    Duncan Hunter Republican Yes

    John McCain Republican No

    Ron Paul Republican Yes

    Mitt Romney Republican Yes

    Fred Thompson Republican No

    Hillary Clinton Democrat No

    John Edwards Democrat No

    Dennis Kucinich Democrat No

    Barack Obama Democrat No

    Bill Richardson Democrat No

    *Giuliani did not sign the Pledge per se, but has put in writing his commitment to oppose and veto all tax increases (as did George W. Bush) and ATR considers this to achieve the spirit and letter of the Pledge.

    Americans for Tax Reform is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact John Kartch at or via telephone at 202-785-0266.
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