Mirror Image: One Man Searches for Identity of His Double in Passionate, Mysterious, Supernatural New Thriller

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CANYON LAKE, Calif., Jan. 12 // -- Richard Flewelling offers a new twist on the classic mystery novel involving identical persons in his new book "Mirror Image" (published by AuthorHouse -- http://www.authorhouse.com), a supernatural thriller sure to keep readers guessing until the last, satisfying page.

For Nick Bogart, some of the greatest pleasures in life are partying and chasing girls. Nick lives his life in a perfect rhythm of work and play, visiting Erick's -- his favorite saloon -- at every chance he gets. That is, until his curiosity and hormones get the better of him during a "strike-out" period with women and he wanders across the street to Reynolds, another saloon. At Reynolds, Nick is surprised to find that everyone recognizes him, even an especially gorgeous girl named Jenni, but they all know him as Gary.

Because there are certain perks to pretending to be Gary, Nick keeps it up, enjoying the company of Gary's girlfriend, Jenni. The only problem is that her crazy, estranged husband is after Gary and a group of Jenni's friends are finding "Gary's" recent behavior incredibly odd. Nick confesses his identity to Jenni and reveals a socially acceptable, easily recognized and unique physical feature that will set him apart from Gary, but things are just starting to get complicated.

On a night when both Nick and the real Gary visit Reynolds, Nick gets beaten up by two thugs who think he's Gary and the real Gary runs off with Jenni before her husband can find her, leaving Nick to explain to Jenni's friends and everyone else what's really going on. But Nick hasn't come close to closing the book on the mystery of Gary, because, as it turns out, no one knows much about the real Gary and a series of murderous events puts the lives of everyone involved in jeopardy.

What develops in "Mirror Image" is an enthralling story of romance, supernatural occurrences and incredible ties to ancient family history. Join Nick as he finds love, passion, answers and his enchanted connections to the powerful Native-American god, Iktome. In a heavily fictionalized version of real events, "Mirror Image" is both a fast-paced mystery and a captivating supernatural adventure.

About the Author: Richard Flewelling was born in Sioux City, Iowa and is a disabled combat veteran. Now retired, he is a college-educated former business owner and consultant. "Mirror Image" is his first book.

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