Launched Today Promises a One-Stop Shop for the Marketing of Intellectual Property

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 20 // -- A new Web site has been launched, promising its users a place to market their intellectual properties such as photos, videos, music, writings, inventions, musical groups, and even news stories to prospective buyers.'s business model has been designed to provide a site for writers, journalists, inventors, artists, and musicians to market and present their works, and get paid by users. The President and CEO of, Franklin Lopez, said, "In these hard times this Web site fills a necessary vacuum in the Internet for anyone with talent in any of the areas of intellectual property, allowing them to make money and who did not have the opportunity to do so. This Web site even permits anyone who has access to a video or smartphone camera to sell any breaking news materials to news organizations, television stations, or newspapers using an application that will be available for free to MyPayCut users called Octupix."

"The Web site is very user-friendly and anyone can upload books, photos, videos, music, movie or television scripts, and inventions and sell them to buyers," he added.

The CEO of MyPayCut said that the Web site "offers opportunities to anyone with a flash of genius and was unable to present it to the marketplace. For example, people with old or new photographs, musical groups looking for a break and writers with books that have not been published will have the opportunity to upload materials and offer them to individual buyers or editors who may want to buy the rights for publishing and marketing."

The Web site provides a general orientation to its users on how to protect intellectual property and links them to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Web site provides an ample variety of marketing tools for television stations and newspapers and entities with video and photos to sell their archives to buyers, generating a new source of additional income in these hard times.

The Web site is located at the facilities of ServePath in San Francisco, California, the leading Web-hosting company for Fortune 500 companies.


For additional information, please write to, or call Franklin Lopez at 787-722-7834 or 787-400-0124, or visit our Web site at

For more information, visit .

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