NanoMarkets Announces New Report on Conductive Coatings

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GLEN ALLEN, Va., May 26 // -- NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst firm, today announced a new report that addresses the conductive coatings market. The report, titled "Conductive Coatings Markets, 2009 and Beyond," is scheduled to be released on June 2nd of 2009. Details about the report are available at

About the Report:

NanoMarkets predicts that a broad range of opportunities will open up for conductive coatings in the next few years. The use of novel conductive coatings have already led to higher performance in lithium batteries and NanoMarkets expects to see similar successes in the solar panel and fuel cell industries. In the display industry, the next wave of touch-screen and flexible displays will need a transparent conductive coating with much higher physical resilience than the current favorite electrode material, ITO, and this is an area where NanoMarkets believes coatings made from nanomaterials will do especially well.

Such opportunities are all based on the need for better electrodes for the latest electronics and energy systems. However, NanoMarkets also foresees new business coming from sectors of the conductive coatings market that were once considered mature. For example, it believes that conductive polymers have considerable potential in the EMI/RFI sector as wireless communications and computing continues to burgeon and this sector replaces its traditional metallic EMI/RFI shielding with metals for cost and environmental reason. And, finally, in the realm of antistatics, NanoMarkets is predicting that a whole new generation of coatings will be needed to safeguard the ultra-large-scale-integration (ULSI) chips that are about to hit the market.

With all this in mind, NanoMarkets presents its new market study on conductive coatings. The report surveys the various classes of materials that are used for conductive coatings, R&D developments relating to new materials and how these new developments meet (or don't meet) the needs of the marketplace. As with all NanoMarkets reports, this report includes a detailed eight-year forecast of conductive coatings markets by application and material and it also provides an in-depth discussion of key materials suppliers and other firms active in this space.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in electronics created by developments in advanced materials. The firm has published numerous reports related to organic, thin film and printable electronics materials and applications. NanoMarkets research database is the industry's most extensive source of information on thin film, organic and printable (TOP) electronics. Visit for a full listing of NanoMarkets' reports and other services.

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