New Referral Engine Pays Consumers for Word-of-Mouth Recommendations, Connects Advertisers to Trusted Networks and Qualified Leads

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Nov. 3 // -- Online community, LLC, today debuted a new service that directly connects consumers and advertisers, allowing consumers to get paid for the powerful word-of-mouth recommendations they offer every day, offline and online -- and affording brands of all types and sizes access to those trusted, highly-qualified networks and leads.

    The new "referral engine" -- -- is unprecedented in scope, as it can connect any consumer, offline or online, with any friendvouch brand offer. Moreover, it offers numerous safeguards against improper use by either consumers or advertisers, further enhancing its usefulness to both parties.

    PerfSpot, one of the world's fastest-growing social networks with over 24 million members, will detail friendvouch next week during the ad:tech, an interactive advertising and technology conference in New York City.

    "friendvouch is a classic win-win-win proposition," said Hart Cunningham, CEO of "Consumers online and offline are inherently looking for deals that will improve their lives: now, they have friends and family looking out for them. Influential individuals quite willingly make recommendations everyday: now, they can get rewarded for it. And finally, advertisers and brands can now tap the networks of those influencers, essentially creating the most powerful and legitimate sales team ever."

    friendvouch for Consumers

    At friendvouch, consumers can participate in two ways:

    -- Influential "referrers" are PerfSpot members who screen offers and match them with friends, family and other acquaintances
-- "Customers" are the trusted contacts of the referrers

    Participating as an influencer is simple:

    -- Create an influencer account at and browse product and service listings that might be of interest to those you know, online or offline

    -- Contact your friends and get their permission to make the connection, letting them know that their information is safe and that they'll be contacted by friendvouch to verify their interest

    -- Submit their contact information, monitor your account, and track your payment details at friendvouch

    For influencers with extensive MySpace, Facebook or PerfSpot "friends lists," friendvouch is even more powerful. Simply access the friendvouch widget factory, grab the code for the offers you'd like to promote to your network, and drop the offers into your profile or blog.

    Friendvouch will also allow fellow influencers to exchange opinions and feedback on advertiser offers, essentially comparing notes to further enhance their efforts.

    For "customers" -- the consumers who agree to receive your special offers -- friendvouch is even easier. The only requirements are a genuine interest in the offer, and an email address or phone number. There is nothing to download, install, or register for, and their interest and information will be verified by PerfSpot before being shared with the advertiser.

    friendvouch for Advertisers

    At friendvouch, advertisers and brands of all types and sizes can offer their products and services to millions of powerful influencers and their trusted networks, creating new and consistent revenue streams. Advertisers simply:

    -- Create a friendvouch account at and provide information on the product or service your company is offering

    -- Specify details about your campaign, include the specific geographic regions and other demographics you'd like to target, the duration of the campaign, and compensation details

    -- Manage and modify your campaigns on-the-fly at friendvouch

    Friendvouch staff assists advertisers on all aspects of account and campaign creation, from vertical program development to customized payment arrangements that range from credit cards to lines of credit to pre-pay programs. Friendvouch can integrate with existing CRM systems, and advertisers can choose precisely how they'd like their new sales leads delivered. All contacts are verified by friendvouch prior to being shared with the advertiser, so leads are effectively double-qualified.

    Moreover, advertisers can track and modify their campaigns easily and instantly for maximum effectiveness.

    Getting Started

    Consumers and advertisers can get started with friendvouch today by visiting


    PerfSpot, one of the world's fastest-growing social networks, was created to be the perfect community for people of any age, gender, or background to share their interests and favorite things on the web. PerfSpot offers its 24 million members in over 180 countries unlimited storage of all types of documents, quick access to more than 200 million videos and TV shows, easy-to- build, customizable web sites, unmatched privacy controls, and more. For additional information, please contact us at

    PerfSpot is a registered trademark PerfSpot, LLC. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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