Nuvation Introduces New IP Network Camera Reference Design Featuring TIs DM365 Digital Media Processor Based on DaVinci(TM) Technology

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Engineering reference designs accelerate time-to-market for new product development

LAS VEGAS, March 31 // -- Today at the International Security Conference West trade show, Nuvation introduces a new IP Camera reference design featuring TI's TMS320DM365 digital media processor based on DaVinci(TM) technology. Nuvation is a leading Electronic Design Services (EDS) firm with extensive R&D capabilities and substantial intellectual property licensing portfolios for accelerating video security product development.

Nuvation's IP Camera 'PoE-WDR DM365' reference design compresses real-time, full-color 720x480 (D1) video over Ethernet at up to 30 frames per second. TI's recently announced DM365 digital media processor is a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) featuring an ARM926 processor in addition to the Video Processing Subsystem for video compression at an industry-leading price-performance. The DM365 supports production-qualified H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MJPEG and VC1/WMV9 codecs providing customers with the flexibility to select the right video codec for their application. The IP Camera reference design incorporates an optimized Real-Time Linux Operating System and support Browser-configurable codec, imager, and network settings as well as remote upgrades.

The new IP Camera 'PoE-WDR DM365' reference design is a production-ready solution also featuring Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) imaging. WDR imaging is enabled through Pixim's Orca(TM) chipset which enables powerful features such as excellent low light performance (0.5 lux in color), wide dynamic range (120dB max), a progressive scan imager with global shutter that minimizes motion artifacts and reduces compression bit rates, and high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) even at high temperature.

"We are pleased to be introducing this latest video security reference design for security OEMs globally," said Chris Hallahan, Nuvation's VP of Sales and Marketing. "TI's new DM365 sets a new price-performance standard and with our licensable reference design and professional design customization services, we can dramatically accelerate new product development in the latest technologies."

The IP Camera PoE-WDR DM365 joins Nuvation's portfolio of video security reference designs on the TMS320DM644x, TMS320DM357, and TMS320DM646x digital media processors including:


Nuvation's reference designs are licensed exclusively to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engineering departments. Nuvation licensee packages include engineering specification documents, executables and firmware source code, schematics and layout files, bills of material, mechanical CAD files, test utilities, manufacturing diagrams, and other design source files. Licensees can choose to manufacture with pre-qualified contract manufacturers and ODMs partnering with Nuvation, or through other OEM-preferred supply chains. Nuvation is also recognized as a global leader in providing professional engineering services for custom product development. Leveraging Nuvation's comprehensive reference designs and services, security OEMs can reduce new product development cycles to as short as a few months.

Nuvation's video security reference designs are available for purchase and license today at Contact" target="_new"> for more information.

About Nuvation

Nuvation is considered to be the largest North-American based Independent Design House and is dedicated to helping companies accelerate electronic product development roadmaps. Established since 1997, Nuvation's design centers in San Jose, CA, USA and Waterloo, Ontario, Canada are recognized for breadth and depth of talent, execution culture, and predictable, repeatable design methodologies. Nuvation's clients include industry leaders in Communications, Broadcast Video, Medical Devices, Green Power, Defense/Security, Consumer Electronics, Video Security, Test & Measurement, and Semiconductor markets. More information is available at

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