Obama Defeats McCain by Nearly Three to One in Political Toy and Novelty Sales This Election Season

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Barack Obama Wins 2008 Election Swag-Off From PhilosophersGuild.com

    BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 3 // -- Barack Obama has been declared the official winner of the political toy swag-off by PhilosophersGuild.com. After months of competition, Barack Obama toys and novelties outsold John McCain novelties, according to a study done by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. The Obama toys were so much more appealing, that now many retailers carry nearly all Obama toys, and very few of McCain's.

    David and Stephan Shaw, founders of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, have tracked sales and demand for political toys this election season. They found that the demand for Barack Obama related items are much more popular than John McCain. In some instances Obama products were outselling McCain items by three to one. For example, the Obama note cards sold nearly three times as many units as the McCain cards.

    This season democratic themed toys did better in general. For example, The Democratic Dream Mug outsold the GOP dream mug by a hue margin. In 2008 PhilosophersGuild.com sold over 22,000 Democrat mugs, but only about 3,000 mugs for Republicans.

    After looking at sales and customer demand, Barack Obama has been declared the winner of the election swag off. Some of the most popular Obama toys and novelties from The Unemployed Philosophers Guide include:

    The Obamarama: Finally, a change of clothes you can believe in! A magnetic Obama you can stick on your fridge, dress up for the beach, the Oval Office. http://tinyurl.com/5e78z9

    Barack Obama Finger Puppet: Make your own inspiring speeches with this Barack Obama finger puppet. http://tinyurl.com/583d33

    Democratic and GOP Dream Mugs: Now it's not just a dream, it's a mug! Pour in a hot beverage and the country goes blue or red, depending on your values. http://tinyurl.com/6592ah

    Obama Greeting Cards: He's so popular, he's even a greeting card and sticker set. http://tinyurl.com/6e3t5a

    For more info, samples or high res images or interviews contact Jennifer Hoffman of Get Some Media at Jennifer@GetSomeMedia.com or please visit http://www.philosophersguild.com.
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