Obama Speaks Out on Noose Magazine Cover

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PITTSBURGH, Jan. 18 // -- Sen. Barack Obama, speaking on American Urban Radio Networks, commented today on the Golfweek magazine "noose" cover controversy, saying that it showed "a lack of sensitivity to some of the profound historical and racial issues that are involved here and are obviously significant."

    The magazine apologized today for putting a noose on its cover to illustrate the controversy over a Golf Channel anchor's use of the word "lynch" in a comment about Tiger Woods. The editor responsible for the cover, Dave Seanor, has been replaced by Jeff Babineau.

    Presidential candidate Obama said, "We have to have a culture that understands that there's nothing funny about a noose. That's a profound history that people have been dealing with and those memories are ones that can't be played with."

    William Kupper, president of Golfweek Magazine parent company Turnstile Publishing, apologized for creating the graphic cover that he said "received extreme negative reaction from consumers, subscribers and advertisers across the country." Kupper said the magazine was trying to convey the controversial issues with a strong and provocative graphic image, but it's now obvious that the cover deeply offended many people.

    About American Urban Radio Networks

    American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) is the only African-American owned radio network company in the United States. It is the largest network reaching Urban America with more than 20 million listeners each week. Through three programming networks and its marketing division, American Urban Radio Networks reaches more African-Americans than any other medium in America and produces more programming than all other broadcasting companies combined. American Urban Radio Networks broadcasts 200 weekly news, entertainment, sports and information programs to more than 300 radio stations nationwide. It is the only Black broadcaster with a bureau in the White House. AURN has offices and bureaus in New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.
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