Oce Business Services Joins the Paperless Project Coalition

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NEW YORK, July 22 // -- Oce Business Services, a leader in document process management and electronic discovery (eDiscovery), today announced that as an extension of its focus on promoting sustainable, cost-effective document management practices, it has joined The Paperless Project Coalition. The Coalition is an alliance of companies focused on educating businesses about document management practices that can reduce carbon emissions and paper usage.

One of these practices is document imaging (paper to digital conversion). Instead of copying and storing physical documents, companies can scan and store documents electronically. This enables employees to retain digital copies, distribute them electronically and avoid filling files with paper. Scanning can reduce paper consumption by an estimated one to three percent. In a survey underwritten by Oce Business Services, senior executives involved in document management indicated that document scanning has a high impact across a comprehensive range of business goals that include reducing costs, increasing competitive advantage, enhancing regulatory compliance and improving customer service.

Duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper) is also eco-friendly. By making this practice the norm, businesses can potentially decrease paper use by up to 50 percent. "We implemented a green campaign as a joint effort between the Bremer Facilities Group and Oce Business Services to reduce paper usage," notes Dolores Hoffman, supervisor of administrative services and facilities management for Bremer Facilities Department. "Through initiatives such as moving print production to copiers that can print on both sides of a page, we have significantly reduced paper consumption and realized thousands of dollars in cost savings."

In addition to document imaging and duplex printing, Oce Business Services offers 10 print/copy management practices that can provide sustainable and financial benefits:

  1. Use recycled paper

  3. Print on workgroup printers instead of a desktop printer

  5. Pre-proof your document on screen

  7. Send print jobs to the mailbox

  9. Reduce your print to a smaller media size

  11. Make sure the printer's energy-saving mode is turned on

  13. Use old prints as note or scratch paper

  15. Throw obsolete prints into the recycling bin

  17. Turn off document headers

  19. Buy paper and toner in bulk to save on transportation

To learn more about The Paperless Project visit www.thepaperlessproject.com.

Oce Business Services' parent company, Oce N.V., underscored its commitment to environmental sustainability earlier this year with the release of its 2008 Sustainability Report. The report documents Oce's achievements in delivering sustainable technology and environmentally sound policies. The report explains the company's use and re-use of components, energy and water consumption, waste handling emissions, as well as human and environmental safety. The 2008 Sustainability Report is available at www.obs-innovation.com.

About Oce Business Services

Oce Business Services is a leading international provider of document process outsourcing services and technology to businesses and the public sector. By improving and managing non-core yet critical document processes, Oce Business Services enables organizations to reduce costs, increase efficiency, mitigate risk and improve operational performance. Oce Business Services' solutions span the document lifecycle, from creation through disposal, including business records, eDiscovery, imaging, print and mail management. Proprietary service delivery methodologies apply Six Sigma(R) to improve results. To learn more, visit http://www.obs-innovation.com

About Oce

Oce is a leading international provider of digital document management technology and services. Oce employs around 23,000 people, with 2008 revenues of approximately $4.3 billion, and operates in around 100 countries. For more information about Oce, visit http://www.oceusa.com. Outside the U.S. consult http://www.global.oce.com.

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