Princeton, Missouri Woman Is Author of Eight Books

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PRINCETON, Mo., July 20 // -- Jane Lowrey-Christian grew up in Northern Missouri in Grundy County, on a farm near Spickard, in the 1930s during the Great Depression and drought, living a lot like Amish Children do now, without electricity. She remembers riding in a wagon pulled by the family workhorses, Old Doll and Queen. They are mentioned several times in her first book, "Budgie and Sissy's Adventure," true stories about her childhood from her viewpoint as a small girl during the 1930s during the Great Depression and drought. She attended a one-room country grade school, the Denslow, near Spickard, then Spickard High School, graduating in 1949.

A dream that finally came true was playing the piano for a country church for 25 years. The opportunity finally came at The Modena Baptist Church, located east of Modena, Mo. The desire to do this is in her book, "Budgie and Sissy's Adventure."

She was a farm wife for 45 years, raising five children. An abstractor for ten years, then in elected offices as Mercer County Clerk and County Commissioner 1st district.

Jane didn't start writing until reaching the age of 76 years, after she had penned the poem The Apple Tree, dedicated to her mother, Thora Marie Betz Baker. Having written the poem, she knew she could write her memoirs about her early years for her children.

She always thought she would like to illustrate a children's book, but never had any formal training in the arts, but always liked to sketch. This dream came true with "Quackless Duck," a series of seven books illustrated in full color by the author, a children's fantasy story.

Jane now lives in Princeton with her husband, Harold. They sing together at the Country Music Shows in Southern Iowa and North Missouri, and enjoy visiting family and friends.

Her future plans are to write an account of her great-grandparents, on both sides of the family, settling in America from Norway, Holland and England.

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