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"Watch the Vote" program lets voters deliver online trouble reports to election observers so they can respond immediately, before the polls close

    PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 3 /-USNewswire/ -- A new non-partisan voter complaint system lets anyone who has trouble casting a ballot on Election Day report it live on the Internet, in time to make a difference.

    The "web widget" at can be added by anyone to their own web page or Facebook account. It will help observers monitoring the polls tomorrow, said Rob Stuart, president of EvolveStrategies, a Philadelphia-based new media firm that produced the system for its affiliated non-profit, the Evolve Foundation.

    "VoterStory allows anyone with a web site or blog to be part of the network protecting citizens' right to vote on Election Day," said Stuart.

    Voters who go to the website or use the widget on their desktop, laptop, or web-enabled phone will see an online complaint form that classifies what kind of problem they're having voting.

    When they click a "Share My Story" button, their report is transmitted to local voter protection organizations standing by to lend support if necessary.

    The voter also receives an email confirming that their story was received, and informing them that they may be contacted by one of these organizations.

    "The VoterStory web widget helps us have more eyes and ears available to help people on Election Day," said Holly Jacobson, Executive Director of the election protection group VoterAction. "Our legal team will be monitoring the problems people submit through the VoterStory widget in real time, and with our network of state-based groups we'll be taking action to help make sure the problems are addressed."

    Qualified groups already signed up to receive the voter stories include VoterAction, Committee of Seventy, NAACP Voter Fund and the National Lawyers Committee for Election Protection.

    The service also promotes the 1-866-MyVote1 and 1-866-OurVote hotline numbers, where voters can find their polling place, or file a verbal complaint.

    "VoterStory's widget technology is a smart system in action to protect democracy," said Stuart.

    Code for Facebook pages and web pages can be cut and pasted off, and voters can go there directly to file their reports. is an initiative of the Evolve Foundation, a non-partisan charitable organization dedicated to increasing civic participation.

    CONTACT: Rob Stuart, 215-620-3305 cell,, or Patricia Charles, 301-887-1060 x111,
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