Rentrak Launches New Ad Monitor Service for Video Games; Also Releases Top 10 Renting and Selling Videogame Rankings

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-Wii Holds the Top Spot for Sell Through While X-box Dominates Rentals-

PORTLAND, Ore., June 1 /-/ -- Rentrak Corporation (Nasdaq: RENT), a multi-screen media measurement and research company serving the entertainment industry, today announced the new service, Ad Monitor for Video Games, an interactive database of advertising circulars from major retailers built directly from the feedback of video game publishers, providing users with analytics along with the most granular automated brand space tracking available.

Separately, Rentrak released the year-to-date (YTD) top selling and renting video game titles in advance of the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the world's premiere trade show for computer and video games and related products.

With the percentage of American video game players steadily increasing, Xbox cumulative rentals made it the top-performing platform in the category. Mature-rated titles continue to control the top renting video games; up from 2007 when only four of the top ten renting games where rated mature. After more than one year since its initial release, Mario Kart Wii from Nintendo represents the only top-ranked rental title rated for "everyone."

Top 10 Selling Console Video Games (YTD)

    Rank Title Platform Release Date Distributor Name Rating

    1 Wii Fit w/Balance Wii 5/21/2008 Nintendo

     Board E

    2 Resident Evil 5 X360 03/13/2009 Capcom M

    3 Halo Wars X360 03/03/2009 Microsoft T

    4 Killzone 2 PS3 2/27/2009 Sony M

    5 Street Fighter IV X360 2/17/2009 Capcom T

    6 Mario Kart w/Wheel Wii 4/27/2008 Nintendo E

    7 UFC 2009: Undisputed X360 5/19/2009 THQ T

    8 Resident Evil 5 PS3 3/13/2009 Capcom M

    9 Guitar Hero: X360 3/29/2009 Activision

     Metallica Blizzard T

    10 Fallout 3 X360 10/28/2008 Bethesda Softworks M

Source: Rentrak Retail Essentials. Rank based on consumer spending via aggregated point-of-sale data from brick-and-mortar sales channel.

Top 10 Renting Console Video Games (YTD)

    Rank Title Platform Release Date Distributor Name Rating

    1 Call Of Duty: World X360 11/10/2008 Activision

     At War Blizzard M

    2 Gears Of War 2 X360 11/07/2008 Microsoft M

    3 Resident Evil 5 X360 03/13/2009 Capcom M

    4 Saints Row 2 X360 10/14/2008 THQ M

    5 Halo Wars X360 03/03/2009 Microsoft T

    6 Fallout 3 X360 10/28/2008 Bethesda Softworks M

    7 Fable 2 X360 10/21/2008 Microsoft M

    8 Mario Kart Wii Wii 04/27/2008 Nintendo E

    9 Call Of Duty: World PS3 11/10/2008 Activision

     At War Blizzard M

    10 Grand Theft Auto IV X360 04/29/2008 Rockstar Games M

Source: Rentrak Home Video Essentials. Rank based on consumer spending.

About Rentrak Corporation

Rentrak Corporation is an industry-advancing media measurement and research company, serving the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. Reaching across numerous platforms including box office, home entertainment, on-demand and linear television, broadband and mobile, Rentrak provides exclusive and actionable insight for our clients and partners. From the introduction of our revolutionary Pay-Per-Transaction(R) distribution and revenue-sharing system, which equipped Rentrak with the intelligence and ability to deal with large, complex data streams, to the company's exclusive Essentials(TM) suite of services, Rentrak has redefined digital audience measurement. Rentrak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with additional offices in Los Angeles and New York City. For more information on any of Rentrak's services, please visit

    Contacts for Rentrak:

    Rogers & Cowan

    Sallie Olmsted / Amanda Bartz

    (310) 854-8124 / (310) 854-8151 /

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