Sandler Communications Issues Letter to the Shareholders and Fans of Reality Racing

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HOUSTON, Nov. 15 /-/ -- Gabe Sandler, Secretary and Vice President of Reality Racing Inc. (Pink Sheets: RRGI), and President of Investor Relations firm Sandler Communications Inc., issued the following letter today to the shareholders and fan club of Reality Racing:

    Dear Shareholders, Fans and Colleagues,

    First of all, let me begin this letter by saying thank you for giving me a chance to communicate with you in this format. My team and I are all deeply honored to have heard from so many of you, and that you have shared with us so many supportive sentiments and brilliant ideas. Your enthusiasm reminds me every day just how powerful a project Reality Racing can and will truly be.

    Although we have had a quiet month in the press, many great things are happening with the company, and I look forward to announcing them in the very near future. For now, maintaining the highest degree of corporate social responsibility continues to be my primary goal. As we are currently under-resourced and understaffed, my team feels that it is in our collective best interests to postpone our current commitments so that we can effectively focus on necessary business process reengineering and change management. We will be conducting interviews over the next several weeks with industry specialists and consulting experts, whose primary task will be to help remodel the aspects of the current business that are already strong in foundation. In this matter, protection of shareholder equity is of highest priority. We will also be looking for the right personnel to take on the long-term commitment at hand of creating a successful public company television show. In this effort, we endeavor to build a strong team that will build upon our company's fundamentals, take into account the opinions of our investors and shareholders, while at the same time avoiding making any hasty or unnecessary changes that might damage our long-term sustainable growth and development.

    We will be considering many proposed ideas at our upcoming Shareholder's and Board Meeting, which we have tentatively now scheduled for January in Houston, TX. Included amongst the topics for discussion are: the formation of Board Committees and possible spin-off business subsidiaries designed to pursue certain aspects of the operating company that we believe will have a high potential for profitability. We will discuss ideas for expanding our concept into additional markets, for instance, pursuing WebTV to make Reality Racing a global brand whose value may even extend beyond that of American Idol (TM) or NASCAR (TM).

    Initially, a strong focus will be placed on generating immediate revenue from merchandise and advertisement sales, areas for which we have also been in discussions regarding possible rebranding and market repositioning from both a licensing standpoint and with regard to advertisement sales. Other decisions will be made pertaining to the handling of live events, getaway packages, and training programs. Our goal is to emerge as a business with a more successful formula, both as an operating company and as a public market brand-holder. To that end, we are looking to build upon our current foundation with a strong sponsorship roster and an intelligent capital formation strategy that combines product sales, reinvestments from existing shareholders, and possibly a private placement offering. The company has heard from over ten accredited investors, institutions, and potential sponsors, all of which were unsolicited. We believe so far that these discussions are going well. In total, we have received several significant offers, each ranging from $1 million to $5 million, although the intricacies of each I cannot discuss at this time. I am committed to this project for the long-term, and I feel very confident moving forward that it is best for me to hold my position. From my perspective, there are many strong indicators of good things to come.

    About Sandler Communications Inc.

    Sandler Communications is headquartered in Houston, TX, with satellite offices in New York, California, Florida, Canada and the UK. The firm is an investor relations and financial public relations firm, specializing in ESI, electronic discovery, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and the creation of XBRL- enabled streaming-data management systems for automation of electronic disclosure. Although the firm is primarily dedicated to servicing the investor relations needs of its clients, it also focuses on public relations and financial consulting. Sandler Communications is a proud member of NIRI, ACG, PRSA, XBRL US, SBA, GTS, SCIA, ACN, PRMIA, NYSSA, TexChange, AAWC, and the BBB. The firm promotes careful study of securities laws and professional risk management, and has made a strong commitment to help enhance investor education and awareness worldwide, particularly amongst the over-the-counter markets where investors face the highest likelihood of corporate fraud and fiduciary irresponsibility damaging their equity.

    For more information about Sandler Communications, visit the company webpage at:

    Also, vote for Gabe Sandler in the upcoming XBRL Steering Committee election:

     Or contact:

     Investor Relations

     Sandler Communications, Inc.

     Tollfree: 866-772-0118

    Safe Harbor:

    Forward-looking statements made in this release are made pursuant to the "safe harbor" provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements made by Reality Racing Incorporated are not a guarantee of future performance. This news release includes forward-looking statements, including with respect to the future level of business for the parties. These statements are necessarily subject to risk and uncertainty. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in these forward- looking statements as a result of certain risk factors that could cause results to differ materially from estimated results. Management cautions that all statements as to future results of operations are necessarily subject to risks, uncertainties and events that may be beyond the control of Reality Racing Incorporated and no assurance can be given that such results will be achieved. Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the ability to procure, properly price, retain and successfully complete projects, and changes in products and competition.

    Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933, requires public disclosure by any publicist of the amount of compensation received from Reality Racing, Inc. (the "Company"), whose shares are publicly traded. Sandler Communications, Inc., ("SCI") has received the following compensation from the Company: $36,000 in cash; 4,200,000 of Common Shares (restricted under Rule 144); $240,000 as a Promissory Note; to disseminate corporate information to the public.

    Further, SCI has or expects to receive compensation either in the form of cash, equity shares or both for publicity services which it has rendered, or may render to, or on behalf of, the public Company. Sandler Communications, Inc., is the holder (directly or indirectly as beneficiary)of 65,200,000 shares of common stock of the Company which it previously received, purchased, agreed to purchase, or purchased in accordance with others. Gabriel P. Sandler, a Principal of SCI, is an officer and/or director of the Company.
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