Sen. Barack Obama Wins the Arab American Voice According to Dandana TV

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ROCHELLE PARK, N.J., Oct. 23 // -- "The Bush Administration has done a great job alienating Arab-Americans from voting Republican in 2008," said Dr. Amr Altahwi - C.E.O of Dandana TV and host of a weekly Arabic talk show Live with Amr. "This time around, the 8 Million Arab and Muslim Americans are overwhelmingly in support of the Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama."

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    President George W. Bush initially attracted the Arab-American voice with his Forward Strategy to promote democracy and human rights in the Middle East and being the first presidential candidate to call for an independent State of Palestine.

    The tremendous viewers' feedback which Dandana TV has received through its live talk shows and discussions has shown that this dramatic shift is based on three key issues:

    1. The US Financial Crisis -- Including the destabilization of the banking sector, market crash, the housing crisis and especially with the 10-billion-dollar-a-month War on Iraq which spread out more unresolved violence and turmoil in the Middle East leaving the American economy in its worst shape since the Great Depression. Even with the $700 Billion Dollar Bailout, many questions remain unanswered.

    2. The U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policies for the past 8 years have driven Arab-Americans to lose faith in The Republican Party. "They see Senator Obama's vision of building bridges of communication and trust as a beacon of hope for a real positive change in the US and the world," said Dr. Altahwi, "On the other hand, Arab-Americans view a McCain Era as an extension of the current GOP's deteriorating policies."

    3. The constant vilification of Arabs/Muslims who are being categorized as "terrorists" through the McCain/Palin Campaigns. "This stereotype is definitely clear through the tactical propaganda that the current Republican Presidential Rallies is using to discredit Obama by calling him a Muslim and an Arab" comments Dr. Altahwi, "Instead of defending every minority group, Senator McCain publicly responded by saying that Obama is not an Arab but a decent family man who just happens to disagree on major fundamental issues."

    Arab-Americans have used every available way of voicing their condemnation of the terrorist acts, yet they see that they are still being dehumanized and tinted as being terrorists in these campaigns. Finally, Dr. Altahwi says "Arab-Americans believe that the Obama Administration will ensure giving humans from all walks of life or backgrounds a fair voice".

    Dandana TV is the first Arab-American Entertainment and Lifestyle television network to broadcast in the United States. Dandana TV broadcasts the only live talk shows from America in Arabic and English to discuss political, social, cultural, lifestyle and entertainment subjects. Dandana TV broadcasts nationwide on the Dish Network Satellite, on the Internet through DishOnline and in Canada on Rogers Cable.

    Amr Altahwi is the founder and C.E.O. of Dandana TV. He started the Dandana TV network after a very successful career on Wall Street in the financial sector. Dr. Altahwi dreams of providing a de-facto voice to the Arab-American community and building bridges between the US and the rest of the world. Dr. Altahwi wanted to have a firsthand feedback from his viewers on Dandana TV about their social and political realities which is why he launched his live talk show "Live with Amr."

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