Twenty-Two African-Americans Attacked by Police on Barack Obamas Election Night, Says Horwitz, Richardson & Baker LLC

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CHICAGO, Nov. 20 /-USNewswire/ -- Across America, on the evening of November 4, 2008, people celebrated Barack Obama's victory. The election of Obama represented change, hope and unity to millions of people of all different backgrounds. But for the community members of the a particular neighborhood, the celebration ended in an unfortunately familiar and oppressive manner.

Based on photographic evidence (of injuries sustained), video evidence (post pepper-spray suffering), testimonial evidence of 22 Plaintiffs, criminal court documents and a license plate number of a police vehicle, it is well established that Chicago Police Officers engaged in hate and race-based crimes and arrested individuals who were peacefully celebrating in the neighborhood.

"It never ceases to amaze me that Chicago Police Officers still engage in this abhorrent behavior - especially in a time of unity," says Blake Horwitz, police misconduct lawyer suing on behalf of these individuals. "Hopefully, this lawsuit will help to curb discrimination among the City's racist police officers."

All Plaintiffs to this cause were pepper-sprayed and/or beaten, others were tased. Certain Plaintiffs were arrested and criminally prosecuted - all cases being dismissed.

The Plaintiffs hope that this lawsuit will bring about change.

These incidents occurred near the streets of Laramie and Fulton, Fulton and Latrobe, Chicago, Illinois. Even though police officers destroyed telephones which contained photographs and video, some post occurrence evidence (video and photographic) was retained by Plaintiffs.

The law firm for the Plaintiffs, Horwitz, Richardson & Baker, is a civil right's firm with years of experience with police brutality cases. Blake Horwitz, one of the plaintiff's attorneys and partner at the law firm, has had numerous successes - including a $28 million dollar verdict against the City of Chicago.

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