VISTAKON(R) Brings ACUMINDER(TM) to Facebook Users

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Popular Electronic Contact Lens Reminder Service Launches on Social Networking Site; Contact Lens Wearers Self-Report Better Compliance with


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 3 /-/ -- VISTAKON(R), Division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. and maker of ACUVUE(R) Brand Contact Lenses, today announced the launch of its ACUMINDER(TM) Facebook application ( This newest iteration of the company's free online ACUMINDER(TM) contact lens compliance service expands its functionality into a multipurpose lifestyle tool available to Facebook's 80 million active users.

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    ACUMINDER(TM) was introduced last year as a complimentary online service designed to help improve contact lens compliance and eye health for the nation's 38 million contact lens wearers. Now available as a Facebook application, ACUMINDER(TM) users can receive reminder messages via e-mail and/or alerts in their Facebook newsfeed. In addition to helping consumers with contact lens compliance to help avoid potential eye health complications, ACUMINDER(TM) Facebook reminders can pertain to just about anything, including taking daily medications, doctors' visits, work deadlines, important social events and more. Reminders also can easily be sent to other Facebook users

    Contact lens wearers who do not use Facebook can still register for the free service at and elect to receive an automatic reminder about changing or ordering new contact lenses via e-mail, cell phone text message, and/or a computer desktop prompt.

    "Contact lens wearers should adhere to prescribed replacement schedules and recommended wearing schedules, which is why a reminder service such as ACUMINDER(TM) is so valuable," says Sheila Hickson-Curran, Director, Medical Affairs, VISTAKON(R). "By not following doctor's instructions on proper wear and care, contact lens wearers may put themselves at greater risk for infection or other serious complications."

    Even though doctors and manufacturers provide instructions about caring and wearing contact lenses, less than half of wearers (46 percent) always replace their contact lenses in accordance with their recommended schedule, with younger wearers less likely to be compliant according Americans' Attitudes & Perceptions About Vision Care, a survey of 3,700 Americans conducted by Harris Interactive(R) on behalf of The Vision Care Institute(TM), LLC, A Johnson & Johnson Company in 2006.

    But, ACUMINDER(TM) users self report that they are becoming more compliant thanks to the reminder service, which is open to all contact lens wearers. In its first year, more than 11,000 contact lens wearers signed up for ACUMINDER(TM). In a January 2008 survey, bi-weekly contact lens wearers reported a marked improvement in their contact lens behavior -- the average number of days between lens changes decreased from 19 days to a near-perfect compliance of 15 days.

    ACUVUE(R), VISTAKON(R), and ACUMINDER(TM) are trademarks of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

    The Vision Care Institute(TM) is a trademark of The Vision Care Institute, LLC
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