Why Barack Obama Is Winning the Last-Minute Election Buzz Race: Guest Segment

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NEW YORK, Nov. 3 // -- Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama hit the airwaves last week with a half-hour ad on most major network and cable TV outlets.

    The McCain/Palin ticket has sought to portray Obama as a celebrity who is more fluff than substance, but the Democrat is winning the popularity contest, according to PR guru David Seaman.

    Seaman says Obama has effectively built a buzz campaign that has only gained momentum through the tough primary and general election seasons, while Sarah Palin's nomination has shown that buzz for buzz's sake will only get you so far before "burnout occurs."

    Seaman, author of the new book Dirty Little Secrets of Buzz, is available to talk about the crucial role buzz played in the presidential campaign (who it helped and who it hurt) and advice he has for both sides in the final hours of the election season.

    David Seaman has been featured in The New York Times, The Arizona Republic and TheHill.com, and has been a guest on FOX's Morning Show, E! Radio, XM Satellite Radio, and CNN Headline News. He lives in New York City.

    Please contact me to set up an interview with David Seaman, or you may contact him directly for urgent bookings (dseaman@gmail.com):
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