Worlds Most Popular Evangelist Dr. K.A. Paul Endorses Barack Obama For President

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HOUSTON, Oct. 22 /-USNewswire/ -- Dr. K.A. Paul, the man the New Republic magazine called the world's most popular Christian evangelist, today endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President of the U.S. Paul, born in India, is an American permanent resident living in Houston.

    Dr. Paul, a long time spiritual advisor to many Republicans leaders and the world of big business, said there were three main reasons for his endorsement of Democrat Senator Obama.

    "Number one, speaking from an evangelical perspective, the current administration, I believe, has delayed the second coming of Jesus. Since the Iraq war, missionaries have been forced out of many countries, their work unfinished. As it says in Matthew 24:14, "the gospel will be preached in the whole world." The Bush administration's Iraq war policy has been in direct contradiction to Matthew.

    "Secondly, as I travel around the globe, it is apparent that America's image is at historic lows. Senator Obama can change this trend and help restore our country to where we are once again respected around the world.

    "And my third reason is that four more years of Bush-like economics, which I believe Senator McCain represents, will turn our current crisis into a full blown economic disaster. Senator Obama can restore confidence and vibrancy to our economy."

    Dr. Paul's Global Peace Initiative is dedicated to saving orphans and widows around the world and in brokering peace, as he was credited with doing in Liberia among other countries.

    Three-time past President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Pastor Adrian Rogers, said, "Dr. K.A. Paul is a village boy raised up by God. It is likely that he has preached the Gospel to more people face to face than any other living evangelist. God's hand is upon him in a mighty way."

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    Dr. Paul is the author of a recent book, "Al-Qaeda Winning: America Losing - Three Things we All Must Do to Reverse Course and Win the War on Terror."
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