YouChoose.Net Introduces Distributed Social Networking at Demo 08

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Rapidly growing social network pioneers 'Distributed Social Networking"

     with release of the YouChoose Widget.

    PALM DESERT, Calif., Jan. 28 // --, whose tagline is "Turning Passions into Actions," introduced the YouChoose Widget today at the DEMO 08 conference in Palm Desert, California.

    Mike Dever, co-founder and Chief Energy Officer, explains how it works -- "Most blogs and online news articles allow people to post a comment. But most sites haven't developed the critical mass of users to appear active or induce comments. Adding the YouChoose widget to those websites provides that critical mass by supplying an immediate active community. When a blog or article is posted, relevant discussions that are taking place across the 'Distributed Social Network' are immediately displayed on the blog or news site. These replace the usual 'comment' link."

    Because that discussion is taking place across potentially thousands of other websites, there is an active community of participants that keep the conversation flowing. Any comment or reply posted on any of those websites is distributed across all of those websites through the YouChoose widget. This includes facebook pages and blogger.

    "Instead of landing on a blog and feeling like you've walked into an empty bar," says Mr. Dever, "you arrive to find numerous people engaged in a lively discussion."

    "Not only does the widget make the blog more 'active,' but trackback links on every comment increase traffic to the web page hosting the YouChoose Widget," says Mr. Dever. makes it easy to upgrade blogs that use google's blogger platform. Every time a new post is written, the blogger has the option, with just one click, to add an existing active discussion from the YouChoose network, or to just start an entirely new discussion, which can also be distributed throughout the web.

    The YouChoose Distributed Social Network is also being used by groups supporting the presidential candidates. The YouChoose facebook application connects various facebook groups, letting them engage with each other and campaign headquarters.

    To learn more go to:

    About is a "Distributed Social Network" that lets people turn their "Passions into Actions" by supporting 'Campaigns' that allow them to discuss issues and take action. has more than 100,000 Members who actively participate in a wide range of causes and discussions.
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