ABC Bancorp Profile

ABC Bancorp, through its subsidiaries, offers various retail and commercial banking services.

It accepts checking, savings, NOW, money market, time deposit accounts, and IRAs; credit and debit cards; and overdraft protection services.

It also offers agricultural, commercial business loans, commercial and residential real estate construction and mortgage loans, loan participations, consumer loans, revolving lines of credit, and letters of credit to corporations, partnerships, and individuals.

The bank also offers Internet banking, letters of credit, brokerage services, fixed rate annuities, safe deposit box rentals, bank official checks, and electronic funds transfer services, including wire transfers, automated teller machines, and ACH transactions.

The bank’s investment portfolio consists of U.


Government and agency, State and municipal, Corporate debt, Mortgage-backed, Marketable equity, and Restricted equity securities.

ABC, through its subsidiary, American Banking Company, provides trust services directly to its customers, and to the customers of the other subsidiary banks.

As of July 20, 2005, the bank operated through 12 subsidiaries with 45 locations in Georgia, Alabama; and northern Florida.

ABC Bancorp is headquartered in Moultrie, Georgia.




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