Agilysys Inc. Profile

Agilysys, Inc.

engages in the distribution and resale of enterprise computer systems solutions in the United States and Canada.

It offers midrange enterprise servers; storage solutions, including hardware and software; and database, Internet, and systems management software to resellers and corporate customers in various industries.

The company’s subsidiary, Kyrus Corporation, provides retail hardware and software products, as well as professional services, such as technology consulting, software customization, staging, implementation, hardware and software maintenance, and support service capabilities.

Agilysys, through its other subsidiary, Inter-American Data, Inc., develops and provides technology solutions for property and inventory management in the casino and destination resort segments of the hospitality industry, as well as offers proprietary document management solutions that enable the capture, storage, control, manipulation, and distribution of scanned and electronically originated images.

Further, the company provides various information technology storage solutions for corporate and public-sector customers.

Agilysys was organized in 1963.

It was formerly known as Pioneer-Standard Electronics, Inc.

and changed its name to Agilysys, Inc.

in 2003.

The company is headquartered in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.




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